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    Book a lesson through Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. All you need is a webcam and a guitar!

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    Get a tailored lesson plan from a RockStar Guitar certified pro. Instructors will be in a live 2-way video session with you during your lesson time.

  • Learn From The Best

    Each RockStar Guitar instructor is hand-picked and certified with our proven curriculum focused on song learning and technique building.

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What Our Students Say:

  • "I've been working with my instructor for a little over a month now and I couldn't be happier with how he's been teaching me the guitar. I started out a complete beginner, now I'm much more knowledgable with his patient approach and simple understanding. I've been reading a guitar book along with the lessons and find the lessons to be much more valuable. Great prices too. I would highly recommend lessons with RSG."
    David R.
  • "My daughter has been learning from a RockStar Guitar instructor for over a year. She's benefitted greatly from his influence and she loves playing guitar. He provides a relaxed environment for learning. He takes things at the pace of the student and he's open to song suggestions and has helped my daughter go from electric to acoustic. RockStar Guitar has been flexible with scheduling and the prices are very competitive. The one-on-one lessons mean a tailored learning experience for each student."
    Allison J.
  • "I have an awesome guitar teacher. Super patient and can make the hardest song seem easy by breaking it down piece by piece. I am more motivated to practice now. Laid back and professional, and all around cool guy. I have definitely improved A LOT since starting lessons with him."
    Joss M.
  • "I started lessons with RockStar Guitar just over a year ago, I am just a little over 60 years old and have always wanted to play the guitar. My instructor is very good at making me feel comfortable and he makes the lessons enjoyable and fun, He works on the songs that I want to learn and enjoy. He is very patient and has always willing to work with my busy schedule. My instructor is a tribute to the saying ( You can teach a Old dog new tricks )"
    Dan O.