The Birth and Journey of a Song:

Presented by Grammy Nominated Artist Tom Marolda



    How to write a song. It’s all about the song. No matter who you ask, they all same the same thing; it’s all about the song. That’s exactly where Tom starts, he lays out his writing process from start to finish to make sure you build a solid foundation from the ground up. With a catalog of over 8,000 songs (many of which are featured in major motion pictures or studio albums) Tom knows exactly how important good songwriting is to an artist’s career.


    The entire recording, mixing, and mastering process is broken down in a unique and visual way that uses practical examples. You’ll watch as Tom records “Hello To Life” a single off the new TOMS album, APPLESTATION. From there, watch Tom work as he walks you through his mixing session, showing you what plugins and effects you can use to a polished sound suitable for album release. Once it’s mixed, we head into the mastering phase and prepare the song to go out into the world.


    Once your song is ready for listeners, how do you actually get it to them? Get an in-depth break down of how the publishing business works and how you can potentially generate a full-time income from your music. There are 13 major ways in which songwriters can earn money from their songs. Tom will analyze and simply each one and you can decide which ones work best for you.


    Want to see what really makes the wheels turn in the music industry? Take a look at how management companies operate and exactly what they are looking for in new artists. There are a lot of moving parts in a music career, especially when you’re talking about performance. Think you’re ready to sign to label? Get an inside look at what it looks like under the hood of a major record label and exactly what is required if you want to make signing day a reality.

The Master of the Masterclass

Tommy Marolda is an iconic songwriter, musician, record producer, engineer and music publisher who has appeared on more than 50 albums either as an artist, producer or composer. He has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and has worked on gold and platinum albums with artists such as Cher, The Bee Gees, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Rod Stewart, Kurupt, Dr. Dre, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi and many more.

Besides writing and recording songs for a variety of major TV shows, from America’s Next Top Model to the Theme Song for the CBS INSIDER show and Smallville, Marolda also has songs in many major films including “STAYIN’ ALIVE” starring John Travolta, “DAYS OF THUNDER” starring Tom Cruise, and “ROCKY BALBOA” starring Sylvester Stallone to name a few.

Celebrity Guest Stars!

You’ll get a look through the eyes of the people that make it happen, with guest appearances by Richie Sambora,Reynolds Management, Domo Records, Mar-tune Music,and Donald Johnson. From songwriting to music publishing, royalties, record labels, and managers you’ll see the big picture and learn from the best.

    Tom speaks with legendary singer-songwriter, and guitar player Richie Sambora, on the language of music and the hallmarks of great songwriting. In our exclusive segment, Richie leads us through his journey to The Songwriters Hall Of Fame and the many layers of nuance that comes with being a successful artist.
    Fernando Costa of Reynolds Management, the management group for Imagine Dragons and the Killers, tells us about what managers can do for an artist, the do’s and don’ts for aspiring artists, and what roads to take when it comes to getting the attention of the big companies.
    Marty Wereski of Mar-Tune Music gives us an inside look at the publishing business. Since 1980, Mar-Tune Music has been placing songs in episodic television series, movies of the week, and feature films. From music publishing to supervision, Marty tells us the truth of the business. Mar-Tune Music is an independent music publishing company that provides artists and bands placements in music and television, your enrollment in the master class gives you direct access to submit your songs for consideration.
    What do record labels look for? Eiichi Naito takes us through the eyes of a label as the founder of Domo Records. Working with artists such as Grammy Winning and 16-time Grammy Nominee Kitaro, Eiichi knows what it takes to conquer the many facets of success the industry demands.
  • DJON
    Hip-Hop artist featured in such films as ROCKY BALBOA, Djon tells us about his journey and the passion, drive, motivation and determination required for success.
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Module One: Finding A Title, Collaboration, Lyrics, Playing With Words, and The Process

Module Two: The Hook Matters, Melody, Breaking The Rules, and Adding A Twist.

Module Three: Preparing For The Studio, The Click Track, and Environment.

Module Four: Recording and Mixing

Module Five: Mastering, Audio Restoration, Stereo Enhancement, EQ Loudness, Sequencing and Spacing, Live Walkthrough.

Module Six: Social Media, The One Sheet, Your Website, and The Music Connection.

Module Seven: Reynolds Management and What Should a Manager Do?

Module Eight: Publishing

Module Nine: Selling Physical Copies, Performance Rights Societies, Mechanical Synchronization Royalties, Print Royalties, Performance, Digital Sales, Digital Print Royalties, and Direct Physical Sales.

Module Ten: Record Labels

Module 11: The Journey

Bonus Featurette: Richie Sambora's Songwriting Masterclass

Bonus Featurette: Fernando Costa's Music Management Masterclass

Bonus Featurette: Marty Wereski's Music Publishing Masterclass

Bonus Featurette: Eiichi Naito's Understanding Record Labels Masterclass

Bonus Featurette: Djon's Rhythm and Lyrics Masterclass


What qualifies Tom Marolda as a master of his craft?

As a writer, producer or collaborator for artists such as IMAGINE DRAGONS, THE KILLERS, CHER, ROD STEWART, KURUPT, RICHIE SAMBORA, ORIANTHI, OLATE DOGS, SLYVESTER STALLONE, BOB ROCK, THE VENTURES, ERIC CLAPTON, STEVEN TYLER, SMITHEREENS, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BILLY JOEL, RICHARD MARX, PETER NOONE, ERTHA KITT, YARDBIRDS, and ELTON JOHN, Tom’s record speak for itself. This is your chance to learn from the master as he guides you through the maze of the ever-evolving music industry.

Is there a monthly subscription for access to the course?

No. You’ll have access to the entire Birth and Journey of a Song Master Class after a one-time enrollment fee.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes. Once you’ve enrolled in the course it’s yours for life! You can access it at anytime on any device.

Why will this course benefit me? 

The journey of a song from its inception through to its release is a harrowing and windy road to navigate. There are so many moving parts, so many mountains to climb, hurtles to jump and directions to travel it can leave an artist feeling like they don’t know the way forward. Tom is here to give you guidance over every aspect of a song, from its birth and along its journey to the ears of listeners. Tom has taken his years of experience, knowledge, and expertise and put it into a single Master Class. He will help guide aspiring artists through the process of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, publishing, managing, performing, and selling their music.


How long is the master class?

This Master Class has approximately 3.5 hours of content. We’ll cover every single step in the life of a song from it’s title to recording and release to the masses.

How do song critiques work?

With your enrollment in the Master Class, you’ll receive one free song critique from Tom himself. He’ll personally get back to you with his feedback and help you improve your writing. If Tom thinks your song has what it takes, he’ll use his connections in the industry to help your song get placed in movies and television!

What kind of information is in the course that I can’t find online already?

This Master Class is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Think of this as your opportunity to sit down and learn from the best. Tom personally guides students through every step of the process, from writing to release. Along the way you’ll get his unique perspective that only comes through years of experience. Sure you can lookup songwriting tips or information about records labels, but reading a Wikipedia article just won’t cut it when it comes to having the knowledge you need to further your career. This Master Class allows you to learn from the people who have found success, get a look through their eyes, and put the big picture together so that you can apply their knowledge to your own musical journey.

  • What an opportunity to get into the minds of one of the greats and see how things work within! Thoroughly enjoyed the course, good flow and great content. Tom is great at explaining and conveying content so it is easily understood. Unlike other courses, he keeps the audience engaged. His tips and his tricks are an exceptional added bonus! If there are other courses from Tom, I would definitely subscribe!
  • Starting off with the Richie Sambora interview certainly put this course into a whole different league than most song writing courses. Can’t wait to see what is coming next!
    BRUCE M.
  • When you hear things from people that are successful and listen to their advice. The truth comes out of them. I will keep the thoughts and the mentorship in my mind. Listen to all types of music. Have passion for what you believe. I have passion for writing music. Surround myself with people of knowledge and passion.
    BILLY D.

Let’s Make The Journey Together!

Whether you’re just starting out on your musical journey or you’ve been around the block a few times, Tom’s expertise is guaranteed to further your understanding of what it means to be a successful artist and what steps to take to get there.