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    MusicMatchr's 90-Day Challenge will take you from a complete beginner, who can barely play air-guitar, and transform you into a Guitar God capable of melting faces off, playing your favorite tunes, or just jamming out around the campfire. You’ll learn all the major techniques that the pros use, from acoustic style finger-picking to rockin’ power chords and creative soloing!


    We start from square one to help you develop a great foundation, learn the basics, and stop you from forming any bad habits that will hurt you down the road. As you progress through the course, you’ll begin learning chords, scales, songs, riffs, strum patterns and the important techniques essential for every guitar player!


    We’ll take your from a complete beginner to a Rock God over the course of 90 Days! This fast paced course will have you learning chords, songs, and iconic riffs within the first few lessons. By day 90, you’ll be playing advanced techniques for both acoustic and electric guitar, full songs front to back, and improvised guitar solos.


    We can get you from zero to guitar hero in 90 days, but every student moves at their own pace. We want you to practice and master every technique presented in this challenge, so we’re giving you lifetime access to our 90-Day Challenge, plus 25 full-length song lessons! Rock out on your time and on your schedule!



Stop wasting your time with unstructured, unorganized and confusing guitar tutorials. We make it easy to follow along and learn the right way with step-by-step lessons that build from a solid foundation.


If you’re just getting started, you’re in the right place. We kick off our course with the very basics and work our way up to song riffs, chord progressions and advanced style techniques. Not only will you be a Guitar God in 90 days, you’ll avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes that so many beginners make.


Every lesson comes with a written overview of the material covered and gives you a straightforward guide that helps make your practice time effective and convenient.


Our curriculum was written with you in mind. Our instructors know what it’s like to just start out learning a new instrument. With us, you’ll get the patient and reassuring guidance you need to get past the guitar growing pains.


One of the biggest pitfalls of learning an instrument on your own, or learning from an unqualified instructor, is the development of bad habits. Bad habits can stunt your growth as a musician and make it difficult to learn or play certain songs properly. What’s worse is that once you develop a bad habit it’s twice as hard to reverse it! Do yourself a favor and learn correctly from Day One!

  • I’ve been doing the 90 Day Challenge for the past two months and can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I’ve tried lessons with friends and family who play the guitar and they didn’t have the patience or ability to make the lessons fun and exciting. MusicMatchr instructors are natural born teachers. I will continue taking lessons with them until Kirk Hemmett resigns and Metallica asks me to join them on tour.
    Zach J.
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Course Cirriculum

Day 1-10


Anatomy of The Guitar


Finger Strength Development

Chord Change Muscle Memory Development

Down and Up Strum Patterns

Song Riffs: Smoke On The Water and Seven Nation Army

Into To Soloing: C Major Scale 


Day 11-20


Creative Soloing

Chord Change Muscle Memory Development Phase 2

Blues Guitar and 12 Bar Blues

Song Riffs: Satisfaction(I Can’t Get No), Beat It, Brown Eyed Girl


 Day 21-30

Day 21-30

Intermediate Strum Patterns

Intro to Barre Chords

Intermediate Chord Variations

Scale Patterns and Soloing Techniques

Song Study: Free Fallin’, Stand By Me, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Star Spangled Banner


Day 31-40

Day 31-40

Intro To Chord Picking

Flat-picking Exercises

Alternating Bass Note Strum Technique

Song Study: Walk The Line, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), Sweet Child O’ Mine, Love Will Keep Us Alive, and House of the Rising Sun 


Day 41-50

Day 50

Into To Power Chords

Palm Muting

Chord Muting

Hammer-On/Pull-Off Techniques

Song Study: Iron Man, Wild Thing, 8 Mile, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, Layla, and Whole Lotta Love


Day 51-60

Day 51-60

Skill Building

Flat Picking Song Riffs: Don’t Fear The Reaper and Wish You Were Here

Speed Training Song Study: Life In The Fast Lane and Dead or Alive

Rythmic Picking: Sweet Home Alabama and Dream On

Advanced Rhythm Song Study: Wonderwall


Day 61 – 70

Day 61-70

E and A Barre Chord Shapes with Major and Minor Variations

Seventh Chord Theory and Chord Shapes

Identification of Chord Root Notes

Song Study: I’m Yours, Kryptonite, Wild Horses, Smoke On The Water, Hey Joe and Across The Universe


Day 71-80

Day 71-80

Intro To Finger Picking

Right Hand Finger Technique

Rhythmic Picking Patterns

Song Study: Dust In The Wind, Landslide, Fast Car, Wherever You Will Go, Rhiannon, Tears In Heaven, Nothing Else Matters


Day 81- 90


Repertoire Building

Song Format and Writing Structure

Full Song Lessons: You and Me, Heart Of Gold, Crash, Baby I love Your Way, Going To California, Hey There Delilah, More Than A Feeling, Fade To Black, The Wind Cries Mary, Stairway To Heaven


  • Playing the guitar has been a lifetime dream for me. I tried learning straight from a book, in a group class and with YouTube, all to no avail. After each lesson, I feel like a better guitarist. It has been a little over 2 months now and my progress has been significant. If you are interested in learning to play the guitar, MusicMatchr is the way to go. I would recommend this business to all of my friends, family and to all the strangers that I have not had the pleasure to meet.
    Michael M.
  • MusicMatchr is the cream of the crop! Thank you for creating such a great resource for learning guitar from the ground up. Until now my learning experience has been dismal at best. Over the past 30 years I have followed numerous DVD’s, Book lessons and several online resources for learning guitar. I am currently on day 31 of the 90 day course and have to say that I feel I have learned more in the past month then I have in all my previous attempts. You have a variety of very engaging and knowledgeable instructors who consistently present the material in a manner that is straight forward, easy to digest and fun.
    Daniel H.


You’ll learn every note of these iconic songs with full-length song studies included in your membership